Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pochade box painting

I made this box with the plans from I changed up a few things like making the box smaller and adding the wet panel carrier to the top. The little piece to adjust the panel carrier to accommodate smaller panels is just an extra piece I had left over from cutting the sides. It's fit in there with friction but if I need to, I can stuff paper in the side to keep it in place. If I were to make the box again though,I would change two things.

One is to use a thinner piece to support the T-nut and mounting the nut from the inside. That way, when the box is screwed to the tripod, the bottom will fit flush and the pressure will keep it more stable. I had an accident where the nut came off the box since the friction isn't enough to make the nut stay put on the box.

The other thing is to make the spacing between the inside part of the lid and the space where the first panel will fit in thicker. Right now, with the clips in place, I can only use the furthest notches to hold panels since the clips take up a lot of space inside.

Images below and a test run!


Jim Serrett said...

I am very impressed.
Looks fantastic. I really like your modifications, very ingenious.
I struggle with the panel carrier, it is just a second piece of gear to haul around.

Also I just stained mine and gave it a couple of coats of polyurethane.

How much time do you think you had in building the box?

And the cityscape at the end of the post is very nice, and that is what it is all about.

Phong Nguyen said...

Thanks Jim,

I made it in about an afternoon's worth of work. The woodshop at the school makes it a lot easier with the bandsaw and wheel sander. I plan on staining and shellacing this weekend before the oil paints in the palette area soak in too much.

The t-nut at the bottom is giving me some trouble though. It doesn't fit flush with the tripod's quick release plate so it wobbles a bit. For now I think I'm just gonna stick a piece of thin foam in there.

Jim Serrett said...

Hi Phong,
Just wanted to tell you that the T-nut needs to be in a piece of hardwood. I drilled a small hole in a scrape piece of oak plywood and wasted a couple of nuts hammering them in. By the third nut it was very flush to the plywood base plate and strong.

I have had the same problem with the quick release. I thought about just screwing it directly to the bottom of the box. Then I realized the thing had a bit of wobble even with the camera on it. So I went to a tripod with out one, problem solved.

I am waiting on a couple of other artist working on pochade boxes with variations on my plans.
When I get their pictures can I post yours with them in my blog with a link for your site?

Really liked your last post.
Take care.

Phong Nguyen said...

no problem Jim,

You're welcome to post the images on your site.